Mike Smith is a professional radio DJ who loves all kinds of music, but let’s be honest, he’s a punk kid at heart. Originally from New York, he currently resides in Missoula, Montana, where he spends most of his nights either at the movies or at a concert. His favorite bands include Streetlight Manifesto, Green Day, Reel Big Fish, The Interrupters, The Offspring, and about a hundred others. Mike also hosts two other podcasts: “Mike & Mike Go To The Movies,” which discusses recent movie releases and dives deep with retrospectives and other recommendations, and “The Complete Works,” in which he and his co-host are watching every single movie that Nicolas Cage ever starred in, because why not?

An upstate New York native and former disgraced children's party host LP met Mike while working as a roadie for a local alternative radio station. She is now a marketing snob by trade but still works for the station curating digital content and local concert calendars. LP spends her free time going to shows and defending ska and pop-punk to dudes on Tinder with terrible taste. Her favorite bands include Trash Boat, NOFX, Less than Jake, and many many more. 

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Val Ubriaco is a local event contractor in the Hudson Valley who worked alongside LP and Mike back in the radio days in the Promotions Department. She loves going to concerts, listening to podcasts, and making up bits that go on for way too long. Some of her favorite bands include but are not limited to, The Front Bottoms, Microwaves, Say Anything, Panic! at the Disco, Beach Bunny, Vundabar, Kevin Devine, Bad Books, and Tiny Moving Parts

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